Our Services

Web Development

We design and build all types of websites at a fair price. Follow this link to explore some of the websites we have developed

Promo Material

We create promo videos and posters for marketing purposes, we also advice on how to maximize the promo material by using social media tools.

E-Commerce Listing

We vet and list vendors dealing in computers and computer accessories, we do paid promos for all vendors and support them with marketing material to enable then reach their core market.

Digital Touch Kiosks

We supply digital touch kiosks for all needs, from table consoles to rotation smart boards. Contact kiosks@starjabu.co.ke to see what we have in stock.

Our mission

Starjabu Supashop offers an expansive shopping experience by curating and organizing computer and computer accessories vendors.

Our mission is to link clients to legit vendors offering the best quality products, Through our strict vetting process we eliminate fraudsters and ensure that the shopping experience is wholesome and safe.

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