Vendors T&C

Starjabu  Supashop gives vendors/sellers a platform to showcase their products to customers worldwide, the platform is meant to link your potential clients to your products and to proceed to contact you once they want to purchase. Please note that NO financial transactions take place on the website, your products will be categorized and presented in an online store format to all visitors. We will link all your products to either a profile page with all your contact details or a social media page, whichever you prefer. Through this link potential customers will contact you. It is your duty to follow up on the arrangements of purchase, terms of payment, delivery and all processes regarding the purchase process.Starjabu Supashop will provide you with free advertisement posters and promotional videos for your products. You are encouraged to promote Starjabu Supashop through your social media platforms.Any reports by customers of fraud from the vendor shall lead to cancellation of the store membership & pulling down all associated products. It is there fore important to stay honest and give your clients ultimate respect through the purchase process. Starjabu Supashop does not have liability over the quality of goods and technicalities arising from state of goods delivered or transacted.