5 awesome kitchen gadgets that make cooking easier

The world of innovative kitchen gadgets is growing rapidly, just like other aspects of life, innovators and manufacturers are constantly coming up with kitchen gadgets. Below are 5 kitchen gadgets that will make your life much easier in the kitchen.


Some of us cant resist a well boiled egg, add some kachumbari with pilipili and we are officially in culinary heaven. If you are an ardent egg fan then this is the gadget for you. Believe it or not, this small gadget can cook hard, medium or soft boiled eggs. Still not impressed? The egg cooker can also cook poached eggs and omelettes! now that is a gadget worth having in your kitchen.

The egg cooker comes with a boiling tray, omelette bowl, poaching tray and a lid to cover it while the magic happens. The egg cooker also comes with a measuring cup that is used to pour water in the heating plate. When the eggs are done to your liking an alarm sounds to let you know that your delicious eggs are ready.

Below is a YouTube Video showing the egg cooker in action:

A quick search in on google for an egg cooker in Kenya will lead you to several Kenyan e-commerce websites with sellers who stock the product.

PRICE: KES 1,500 to KES 2,500


Img Source: Trendhunter.com

Are you a coffee person? Do you like strong flavored coffee brewed by a smart gadget that can even monitor the freshness of your coffee beans? then look no further, because the totally awesome Smart Coffee Grinder is here just for you.

This gadget is so smart it has an app that connects to your smartphone, this allows you to know how much coffee is remaining and when you need to replenish your supply. The most unbelievable feature of this coffee grinder is its ability to monitor the freshness of the coffee beans, stale coffee will now be a thing of the past, it uses a special algorithm that counts the roasting and purchasing dates, gas level, temperature, humidity, volume and mass of the coffee. Below is a video show casing the workings of the Voltaire Smart Coffee Grinder:

We could not find a stockist of this particular Grinder in Kenya but a quick search on google will direct you to alternative smart grinders that range from KES 25,000 and above.


Img Source:Amazon.com

Chances are you have heard of the air fryer, this is a gadget that is readily available in Kenya. The air fryer cooks by circulating hot air around food using convection mechanism. This is as opposed to normal oil fryer that cook by submerging food in oil.

But why would you buy an air fryer instead of the normal oil fryer? for starters, you enjoy low-fat meals, meaning you can enjoy your chips without the excess fat. Other advantages include easy clean up since there is no oil sludge or pouring in and out. The food from an air fryer is heated from all angles and the air fryer is very cost efficient interms of time and resources(oil). With an air fryer you can cook french fries(chips), chicken and many other meals, all without the risk of excessive fat consumption.

Below is a video showcasing a Phillips air fryer making some well cooked chicken wings:

This product is widely available in Kenya and ranges from KES 7,000 and above. This is a gadget worth buying!


Cinder Grill is the worlds first con-tactless and precision grill. It uses advanced technology so as to cook food at its exact temperature. The Cinder Grill automatically reads the thickness of your food and notifies you how long is left on your smartphone. You can choose what type of food it is on your smart phone and even tap a button on your phone to start cooking.

With Cinder Grill, Nyama Choma will never be the same, The Cinder phone app allows you complete control in terms of monitoring and deciding on how you want your roasted delicacies, either well done or medium, any preference you have can be controlled right from your hand.

Below is a video from YouTube of Cinder Grill in action:

The Cinder Grill is a very advanced grill in terms of efficiency, technology and how it grills your food, using technology to cook with precision to within one degree Fahrenheit of the temperature you use. We could not find stockist in Kenya but it starts from $499(around KES 50,000) on international e-commerce websites.


Img Source:YouTube.com

The Equilibric Collander is a multi functional balance bowl that allows you to clean your food without spillages and also serves as a defrosting bowl and serving dish. The Equilibric colander reduces the amount of water needed to wash your fruits and vegetables by 60% making the work of washing more efficient. Check out the video below to see the Equlibric Collander in action:

This appliance can be bought on Amazon for $20(Around KES 2,000)


At technology and innovations advances in other aspects of life, the kitchen arena will stay at par with the forever progressing trends. The kitchen will continue to receive attention and gadgets from innovators, after all, we are what we eat, and eating is a part of humanity.