Kenyan Tv shows that made KBC the plug.

Let us all look back at a time when life was much simpler and options were very limited, these were the days of KBC Tv shows like Vitimbi and the likes. Before we get into this let me express my disappointment in the lack of any content that can be used to show what these shows were about. When I was writing this article I searched for plot summaries of these tv shows and I simply did not find much content. All I have to go on is my memory and let us say I would prefer if we don’t use my memory of TV shows that aired more than 10 years ago as reference. So without much chattering, I will list these shows and include a few links I found on youtube of some of the tv shows if you are interested in taking a walk down memory lane. You could also chip in what you can remember about them on our social media pages, we will be sure to update this post. Until then, here they are.




Vioja mahakani

Penzi Hatari

If you are a regular on this site then you know we do 5 Tv shows or movies at a time, look out for our next post on the same.