We live in a dangerous world, from the darkly lit alleys of downtown Nairobi to the leafy suburbs, danger is always lurking in one form or another. Here are some non lethal weapons and gadgets that can help you to protect yourself in the event you come face to face with an attacker outdoors or at home. It is worth noting that different countries have different laws on the type of weapons or security gadgets you can legally own so please do your homework.

It is also wise to analyze every situation before making any moves in relation to self defense.



This is a gadget that can be used as a key-holder and also for personal protection. It comes with a very loud alarm(up to 120dB), a power-bank and an extremely powerful strobe flash light that can blind an attacker for some time. The device is charged with a standard USB cable and is made of aluminum making it very durable.

Below is a video from YouTube showing how the gadget works:

This is a gadget that offers very discrete security options and poses a minimal threat to the owner. This makes it a perfect personal security options. The gadget is also not subject to any laws in terms of ownership.

The alarm can also be used in the event where you might need to be rescued and may not be able to shout out for help.



Appbot riley is a small robot that can be controlled with your smartphone using Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world using the internet, It links to your smartphone and gives you a live video feed of everything happening in its vicinity. The robot also features a built in motion detector and can send you alerts when movement is detected.

Appbot riley uses grippy belts to move about, giving the robot grip over most surfaces around a home, from carpet, wooden floors and grass, the robot can traverse over different types of terrain. The robot however, is not designed to tackle stairs. Here is a YouTube video of the robot:

This is a worthy investment for a home security system since it gives you the ability to monitor a wide area unlike static cameras that do not have mobility. The Appbot riley can be purchased online for $19,000(around Ksh 20,000)



The Salt Supply Pepper Spray gun is a non-lethal weapon that uses balls as its projectiles. According to Salt Supply Co, The balls are filled with a non-lethal powdered pepper spray and tear gas that break on contact. This immediately causes temporary blindness, difficulty in breathing and severe impact distress.

The balls leave the gun at an amazing 320 feet per second, delivering the same kinetic energy as being hit by a ball traveling at 80 km/h. This is achieved with a range 0f 150+ feet. This weapon is considered a safer alternative to firearms especially in the event that a curious child may tamper with the weapon.

Below is YouTube video from the makers of the weapon showing real life demonstrations of the Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun:

The fact that this weapon resembles a conventional firearm means its much better to have it for home protection. There is also a yellow version.

This non-lethal weapon can be purchased from the company website for $349(around Ksh 35,000)


Chances are if someone will break into your home, they will most likely use the doors, that is of course assuming that other entry points are secure. What if you could have an impenetrable door that could withstand continuous bashing and abuse. Sur company from Turkey makes this type of door, you have to see it to believe it, It looks like just any other wooden door, concealing its unique protective abilities.



This is an innocent looking gadget that can not only deliver an immobilizing high voltage to an attacker, but can also temporarily blind with a 100 lumen flash light to the eyes. It resembles a mascara or slightly larger lipstick, making it ideal for security conscious women. It has a key ring so it can be used a key-holder or attached to other accessories and it comes in three colors.

Below is a YouTube video from the makers showcasing of the Guard Dog Electra:

This gadget comes with a charger to keep it fully juiced and keep you safe when you need to summon this discrete electroshock stun gun.


Non- lethal weapons offer a safer alternative for personal protection and can also be used by law enforcement and security guards to disarm attackers without having a fatal outcome. Personal protection is important and some of these gadgets can be used effectively to give you a chance to run in case you encounter an attacker.