Get to know your ‘Betrayal’ main actors and actresses.

We enjoy the TV show Betrayal , so it is only right we know a little about the men and women who make the show memorable.

  1. Jericho Rosales.

He was born on 22nd September 1979.

His wife is Kim Jones.

His son is Santnio Rosales

His family and friends call him Echo.

He sold fish in the market at the age of 11 .

He became popular after he participated in the TV show Eat Baluga in 1996

He belonged to a band called Jeans.

He has a net worth of 3.5 million dollars.

2. Sam Milby.

He was born on 23rd may 1984

His mother is Filipino and his father is American

His wife is Mari Jasmine.

His first film was ‘close to you’

He released his first album in 2006

He was trained in ice skating from age of 9.

He was home schooled until the age of 15.

He started out as a commercial model.

His net worth is approximately 1million dollars to 5 million dollars.

3. Yen Santos.

She was born on 20th November 1992.

She got into showbiz with the reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother,teen edition.

Her big break came in the debut of the movie, Northern lights : A journey to love in 2017

She enjoys boxing.

Her net worth is between 1million dollars to 5 million dollars.

4. Yam Concepcion.

She was born on 27th of may 1988.

She became a teacher after her studies in Multimedia Arts college.

She was a drummer in Ursa minor band.

She started acting after she was discovered by a talent scout during her performance with the OPM band.

She hates being late.

Her net worth is between 1million dollars to 5million dollars.

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