5 awesome personal gadgets

Dashbon Mask

What do you get when you mix high fidelity headphones with an immersive optical system? The Dashbon mask features virtual projection near-eye displays where images are projected to your eyes. The technology behind this is impressive. The Dasbon mask can also be used as conventional headphones, you can choose to listen to music, watch high definition videos with Dashbon mask connected to your smartphone or play games directly to your smartphone.

This gadget serves up full HD visuals to your eyes, giving you the optical nourishment that you deserve, while at the same time providing high fidelity sound. This is definitely a fun gadget to have and we look forward to have them hit Kenyan Tech Shops. For now it seems you can order it from the company that manufactures it at $399(around Ksh 40,000).

Here is a video showcasing the various uses for the Dashbon Mask.

Matrix PowerWatch

The most amazing thing about this watch is that it does not require to be charged. Believe it or not it receives energy independently from the human body. It does this through a one of a kind MATRIX-powered thermoelectric engine. It allows PowerWatch to be powered by the body heat of its wearer.

The Matrix PowerWatch also features full color display, heart rate monitoring, GPS location tracking, activity tracking, sleep monitoring and smart notifications. The watch is also water resistant up to 200m. This gadget is made of of aviation grade aluminum making it resistant to fall and shock.

Here is a link of the company CEO explaining about the Matrix Powerwatch:

The watch is available on Amazon from $499(around Ksh 50,000).


Would you like to know the amount of vitamins and minerals in your body? Here is the personal device for you. The Vitastiq 2 pairs to a smartphone using Bluetooth where the app transmits accurate information about the users body. The device is pressed along the finger and can even recommend ways to improve your vitamins intake for healthy body functioning. The Vitastiq 2 is safe to use and can be used anywhere.

Here is a video showcasing the Vitastiq 2:

The device is priced at $127(around Ksh 13,000).


This is one amazing gadget, it has the ability to float in mid air, levitating 10 Millimeters from its base while spinning and maintaining impressive sound quality. The gadget achieves. It has a rechargeable battery that can last for 10 hours.

Here is a video showing the amazing levitating speaker in action

The speaker comes at the unbelievable price of $149(around Ksh 15,000)


Created by Issam Trabelsi, the device is a ring that snaps around your index finger and allows you to call people. Dubbed Nokia Fit, this gadget is made from soft silicone and flexible rubber, being both waterproof and packed with the basic features of a phone. Notifications are made available through vibrations and the ergonomic design makes those tiny buttons easily accessible. This device is still a concept in development.