5 advanced robots coming to a future near you

Robots are fascinating machines, they represent an attempt by man to create and mimic our very own mobility, intelligence and functionality. Robots have reached a critical stage of development where we now have a generation of advanced robots rolling out as research platforms and consumer ready machines that serve unique roles. Today we look at 5 robots that are changing the way robots interact with the environment and with the human race.


Digit is a humanoid robot created by Agility Robotics of America. The robot features nimble limbs, arms and a torso packed with sensors that will allow it to navigate complex environments. The robot can carry out tasks like package delivery.

Digit can catch itself when it falls, and reorient its body to get back up. To aid in its delivery role it can lift boxes weighing up to 18kg.

Here is video of the Digit robot doing its thing:

The creators of this robot believe robots like digit will one day assist in taking care of people in their homes, disaster response and package delivery.


ANYmal is a four-legged robot created by ETH Zuric and ANYbotics of Switzerland. The robot is designed for inspection and manipulation tasks. It can scan the terrain and avoid obstacles, and can operate in snow, rain, wind, waterlogged rooms and dusty environments with low visibility. Each ANYmal robot is given a unique name that is derived from the robot’s generation!

ANYmal can run dynamically and climb over obstacles and stairs. the robot has environmental sensors and manipulators.

ANYmal can carry a load of up to 10kg. In 2018, the robot perfomed regular industrial inspection on an offshore platform.

Here is video of the ANYmal robot doing its thing:

The Anymal robot has also been programmed to dance, play soccer and ice skate.


This is one amazing robot! Atlas is the stuff of science fiction, from doing back flips, running, jumping and many more amazing things.

Atlas was created by Boston Dymanics of America. Boston dynamics was acquired by Google in 2013 and then acquired from Google by SoftBank in 2017. It is the most agile humanoid in existence, obliterating the technological barrier of what has been perceived to be achievable in the modern era of robotics. Atlas can keep its balance even after being pushed and can get up if it falls.

Check out the video below to get an idea just how awesome this robot is:

Atlas can operate both outdoors and inside buildings. It can sense obstacles, negotiate rough terrain autonomously or under teleoperation. This machine has redefined robot agility and mobility.


Spot is a four-legged robot created by Boston Dynamics. It can map its environment, sense and avoid obstacles, climb stairs and even open doors.

Spot can handle payloads of up to 14kg and features Bioinspired dynamic control. It can move in an omni-directional manner and has various walking and trotting gaits.

Check out the Spot robot in this video doing its thing:

This is also one of the quietest robots ever built.


Asimo is a humanoid robot created by Honda. It is designed to be a helper to people. It can run, dance, hop and even kick a soccer ball. The Asimo robot is able to navigate human environments, recognize faces and understand speech.

Here is a video of the amazing Asimo robot:


As robots attain higher levels of mobility and artificial intelligence there is growing concern of the future of human and machine interaction. Will robots eventually become our machine overlords? with they dominate us physically and intellectually? will they improve our lives and live harmoniously among us, helping us, guiding us and protecting us?

For now we can only wait and see, technology companies that are leading the way in robotics innovations will have a pivotal role in deciding the next level of human and intelligent machine interaction, helping shape an exciting future.