Travel hacks.

We all have fantasies about traveling , most of us travel a lot and for various reasons , to see the world, to enjoy new cultures, to create memories etc whatever your reasons for wanting to/or traveling are , we thought you would use a few hacks to make traveling easier. Check them out and leave a comment if you see one that you could really use.

  1. Tie a bright colored cloth on your suitcase to save time when checking which one is your bag.
  2. Keep scented bar soap same place as your dirty laundry to keep them smelling clean.
  3. Squint your eyes when taking pictures to make your smile look more genuine
  4. Wrap a tissue around your beverage and put it in the fridge in 15 minutes it will be completely ice cold.
  5. Clean out your old lotion bottle for your beach bag and use it to store your phone,keys ,money etc at the beach.
  6. Roll your clothes to make more room.
  7. Scan your documents before and email them to yourself , just in case you lose them.
  8. Use ATMs to get local currency instead of money converters to avoid high exchange rates.
  9. Always have a souvenir list to avoid over spending.
  10. Eat in local hotels , it saves you money and allows you to experience new meals.

Thank you for reading, I hope you find them helpful. Bon voyage.

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